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Links: Plenty of thanksgiving for Nene's return

Everyone is happy to have the big Brazilian back on the court.

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

Still high on tryptophan links:

  • Nice piece on Nene's return to the Wizards, including an interesting nugget on how he let reporters know he felt healthy enough to play before he told his coach (several reporters tweeted prior to the Hawks game that Randy Wittman seemed to be the only person yet to hear that Nene was ready to play). Nene says he is still hurting and trying to tough it out, so how his aching foot responds over the next couple weeks is definitely something to keep an eye on. [Wizards Insider]
  • Nene thinks everything will be fine once the team gets its first win. [Washington Times]
  • Mike gives us four ways that a healthy Nene transforms the Wizards.
  • More on the loss to the Hawks. [Truth About It]
  • Ted thinks it was little mistakes down the stretch which cost the Wizards their first victory. [Ted's Take]
  • Guess who made this list of the NBA's biggest rookie disappointments thus far. [ESPN Insider]
  • It kind of goes without saying that if a team is still winless 10 games into the season that they're also going to be pretty far back in the standings. [SB Nation DC]
  • Thanksgiving gave the Wizards a chance to get away from basketball, and more importantly, forget about their 0-10 record. [CSN Washington]
  • A trifecta of Wizard-connections in this list of NBA turkeys. [Sir Charles In Charge]
  • It's pretty clear at this point that Robert Griffin III can walk on water, but asking him to help the Wizards actually get a win might be a bit much. Guess we'll have to settle for him handing the Cowboys their [bums] in Dallas on Thanksgiving. :-)
  • Which of this season's early trends are likely to endure, and which figure to change course? [SI]
  • Tom Ziller takes another look at the NBA lockout one year later, and finds it more ridiculous than ever. [SB Nation]
  • The Jazz have a problem. They have too many good bigs. Wait, what? [SI]
  • Anyone remember Michael Finley? Well, he's 39 and wants to try playing in the NBA again. Good grief. [ESPN Dallas]