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BREAKDOWN: Subway vs. A Bowl of Pasta

Every Wizards coach has that moment where they turn to food to cope with the bad times. Which food works better? You be the judge.


Last season, it became clear that Flip Saunders was in a rut from which he couldn't recover when he said the following after the Wizards fell to 1-12 with a loss to the Rockets last season:

"You can say it really kills you to lose, but until it really kills you? For me, for 3-4 weeks, I've been on a steady diet of Subway, which is 20 minutes from my condo, and I bring it back up to my apartment. Because like I said, you don't feel good about yourself. As a team, that's how it has to be. It has to really hurt a lot."

Saunders only last four more games after he admitted he had turned to the Classic Trio (or whatever he was eating) to get through the darkest days of his tenure in Washington. Now, as Randy Wittman faces the most difficult stretch of his tenure in Washington, with the Wizards setting the record for the worst start in franchise history, he appears to be turning to similar vices to get through:

If there's a positive you can take from this, it's that Wittman seems to be aware that his habits are destructive. But that's what you'd expect from someone who knows a little something about breaking the shackles of addiction. Still, it begs the question: Which comfort food is better for getting through a Wizards' losing streak?

Subway Pasta
Jared Fogle Biggest Fan Harrison Ford
Yes. Is it better than smoking? Yes.
Five dollars for a footlong, unless you get one of those fancy subs. But you're probably not getting a fancy sub if JaVale McGee just threw it off the glass to himself for a dunk while your team is losing. Cost You can get pasta for dirt-cheap just about anywhere, but if you're not careful, it won't taste worth a crap win or lose.
Studies have shown that carbs play a key role in promoting a good mood, so as long as you're not getting the flatbread and piling up on the meat, it should help you feel better. Effect on mood Again, same deal. As long as you're having pasta and not just throwing a noodle on a pile of meatballs, you should be fine.
Sure, if you get a sub with turkey in it. Could you eat it at Thanksgiving? You might get some weird looks from the family, and you'd probably have to bring your own, but hey, why not?
Not really his steez. Could you eat it with Jordan Crawford? Not really his steez.