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Nene injury update: Wizards' C still out indefinitely


Washington Wizards center Nene still remains without a timetable for return to regular action due to the lingering effects of a foot injury, according to Michael Lee of the Washington Post. As of this time, he remains out indefinitely.

Nene has been sidelined with plantar fasciitis in his left foot since the conclusion of the Olympics in August. The same injury also cost him 10 games at the end of last season. The Wizards were hopeful prior to the season that he would be available near the end of training camp. However, neither Nene or the organization are comfortable with where the injury is currently at.

As of this time, he has increased his workload, having underwent electronic stimulation treatment two weeks ago in Baltimore. While he has been unavailable to play, Nene has remained an intergal part of the team by advising young players such as Kevin Seraphin.

According to head coach Randy Wittman, Nene's presence is similar to having another assistant coach, via the Washington Post:

"Another voice. He's done a lot of that. That's important for those guys. Because you see it differently when you're hurt and on the bench than when you are running up and down the floor, and I think it's been a big help for some of our guys to hear that."

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