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Chad Dukes rips into the Wizards on their 0-7 start to the season

Suffice to say, he's had enough with the team's struggles.

Ronald Martinez

If you're a sports talk radio fan in the D.C area, you're probably familiar with Chad Dukes, who hosts the afternoon show with LaVar Arrington on 106.7 The Fan. If you're not, you still might know him from his famous rant about the Redskins after they were drubbed by the Eagles a few years ago where he summed up the pent-up frustrations of many Redskins fans that day after one of their most embarrassing losses in franchise history:

Thursday afternoon, he came through with a similar rant on the Wizards' issues so far this season.

A few of the highlights:

Chad on the Wizards' offensive game plan

It seems the plan is dribble down the court, get to the three point arc, and launch a terrible attempt at a three. I don't get it. I don't know what the plan is.

On Randy Wittman questioning the refs

We are fans of Randy Wittman. I like the guy, I like the way he conducts himself, I like how he is in an interview, I think he cares. I don't know if this is all his fault. But he came out with a quote after the game and said "For whatever reason, this team doesn't get any respect. We go to the rim and we get eleven free throws. These young guys just have to go out and make a name for themselves and its just baffling some of these things that are said to me by the refs and they don't call it."

YOU'RE WORRIED ABOUT THE REFS? COACH. COACH. COME ON. The tanks are rolling down Main Street. They've breached the walls. It's over. Now's the time you gotta flee into the woods with what possessions you have. What are you talking about? It's like you're shaking your fist at a tank that's rolling up on you.

The refs? What do you mean they don't respect you? Why would anyone respect the Wizards?

On ticket prices

Why are we paying full prices for tickets? Is it for the other team because they put forth effort? Because they make good trades and free agency acquisitions and draft smartly and don't draft 7'6 Euros who shoot fadeaway jumpers time after time again?

On who deserves blame

Point at Ern' all you want. And there's a lot of pointing that should be going at ol' Big Ern' McCracken, 'cause he's the mad architect of all of this. Point at Ted all you want, and he deserves some blame because as much we love ol' Uncle Ted, he don't wanna eat any money. That's why he's trying to trade Andray Blatche when there's absolutely no value whatsoever. Sorry, if you're going to be a sports owner, you're gonna have to eat a contract here and there for the better of your team.

Point at Randy Wittman, although I think you're a FOOL if you do, because poor Flip Saunders with his resume as long as your arm with basketball accolades came in here and got EATEN ALIVE. Michael Jordan: EATEN ALIVE. How many more of basketball's brass have to come in here and get carnivored? I feel like we're watching Piranha 3 DDDDDDDDD. That's what it feels like.