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Join us for another Bullets Forever hangout

Time to talk about our favorite bad basketball team.

Streeter Lecka

UPDATE: The hangout is over, but click the video to watch the archive.

It's that time of the week again. Join us at 7:30 for yet another Bullets Forever video hangout. We'll be here trying to work through yet another awful start to the season while consuming our alcoholic beverage of choice. I have a feeling some of us will be drinking harder stuff than usual this week.

This show will be shorter than last week's, and hopefully we won't have any tech issues. Here's our plan.

  1. How much would a healthy John Wall and Nene actually make a difference with this team? When do we think they'll come back?
  2. Hey, Shaun Livingston is back! Let's enjoy that.
  3. We'll take your questions in the comments section. If you have one you'd like to ask before we start, post it beforehand and you'll get priority.
As usual, we'll be embedding the video in this post when we go live. If you can't watch us live, the video will archive within minutes of the videocast ending.

See you at 7:30 p.m.