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Shaun Livingston on what he'll bring to the Washington Wizards

The new Wizards point guard explains how he'll help his new team the most.

Kim Klement-US PRESSWIRE reporter Casey Phillips scored the first interview with new point guard Shaun Livingston after the team decided to re-sign him and release Jannero Pargo earlier Thursday. In the interview, Livingston said that his main job will be to help the team get into their offensive sets.

"I think that communication can sometimes get lost in the speed of the game, so it's kind of coming out here and helping guys up to speed, and also getting myself up to speed."

Livingston added that his familiarity with the coaching staff from his last time in D.C. in 2010 will help his transition to this new team go easier.

"Especially me being at the point guard, where I have been playing, [you have to be] an extension of the coach. So me being familiar with the coaching staff, it kind of helps implement the plays and the system to the guys a little more. It's a smoother transition."

You can watch the full video here.

It's no surprise that Livingston seemingly jumped at the opportunity to come to D.C. after he was released by the Houston Rockets. Last year, he told former BF staff writer Michael Katz that his 2010 stint with the Wizards following all his knee surgeries was "the turning point of my career." He's probably hoping this next stint will help him just as much.