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John Wall's rehab sounds super depressing

With no return date set as of yet, John Wall doesn't have much to get excited about right now.


Not gonna lie, if i was in John Wall's shoes right now, I'd be pretty depressed. Watching your team go winless is hard enough when you're a fan. Just imagine how much harder is must be when you're on the team and you can't use your talents to help the team improve. That said, I'm not sure this is the best way to cope as you recover:

When the team is at home, Wall pushes through rehab and then does little else.

"Just lock myself in my house and listen to music," he said.

For his sake, let's hope he's still listening to Drake, or whatever else the kids are listening to these days. If he's turned to Sarah MacLachlan or some other depressing music to get him through this knee injury, all bets are off. If he needs some music suggestions to get him through, we'd like to suggest some Tony Bennett: