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A.J. Price injury: Wizards' guard leaves game vs. Mavericks after rolling ankle

The Washington Wizards' backup point guard hurt his ankle early in the second half against the Mavericks.


Already without John Wall, the Washington Wizards may have lost point guard A.J. Price to an injury of his own. Price turned his ankle while trying to go for an offensive rebound against big Dallas Mavericks center Chris Kaman early in the third quarter. He laid down on the ground as the Mavericks went back the other way and was eventually helped off the floor and taken back to the locker room.

The play happened right after halftime. Price took a three-pointer, missed, then got his own rebound and took a floater in the lane. As the ball hit off the backboard, Price tried to leap to secure his own rebound again, but lost the battle to Kaman. Kaman then came down right on one of his ankles, causing the injury.

It remains to be seen if Price returns to the game. Jordan Crawford replaced him and appears to be the backup option at point guard.

UPDATE: Price was available to return, but never did