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Jordan Crawford tried to shoot free throws for Jan Vesely, and almost got away with it

We've got some serious questions about what took place last night.

Go and take a look at Truth About It's piece on last night's curious case of Jordan Crawford trying to take Jan Vesely's free throws during last night's game against Charlotte. Give credit to Crawford for trying to make one of those savvy plays that you would expect to see from someone ten years older than him, even though it didn't working. As impressed as we are by Crawford's moxie, we have some questions about how all of this went down:

  • Did Jordan Crawford act alone or was he a part of a larger conspiracy?
  • What made it click for the referees that the wrong person was at the line after the first free throw was made by Crawford? Is there some sort of alert system set up by the scorekeeper to alert the refs when the wrong player attempts a free throw, or was it just a delayed reaction on the referees part?
  • Why didn't the Bobcats notice that Jordan Crawford was shooting free throws instead of Vesely? You'd think whoever was covering Crawford should notice that kind of thing.
  • How do we know this hasn't happened before? For all we know, Crawford could have taken tens, if not hundreds of free throws intended for Jan Vesely and others over the years.
  • Could Jordan Crawford get fined for this, or will he get a warning like first-offender floppers?
  • Which phantom score was better: Crawford's, or Roger Mason's three-pointer against Milwaukee?