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Bradley Beal isn't blowing through his paychecks

He will not be throwing suits away like Kwame Brown.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

Bradley Beal is doing a rookie diary with SLAM Magazine all year to chronicle his first season as a pro. In his latest entry, he talked about how he's avoiding the big purchases with his NBA paychecks:

With my first paycheck I...didn't do much. I haven't made any big purchases, honestly, besides the apartment I live in. I'm real conservative. I mean, i haven't even bought a new car. I'm just trying to be smart with my money now.

It's really good to see that he's avoiding silly purchases that he'll regret once his playing days are over, but we're a little concerned that he may be taking it too far. While we completely understand the desire to be thrifty, as an athlete, it's important that he eats food. Maybe he wouldn't be so hungry if he used some of that paycheck to buy some meals every now and then. Food is fuel.