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Nene injury update: Don't expect a return to the court soon

It looks like it'll be at least a couple weeks until Nene returns to the court.


The latest news on Nene's ongoing rehabilitation from plantar fasciitis doesn't appear to be good for Washington Wizards fans. Nene opened up about his injury in an interview after the Wizards' loss to the Pacers last night, and it doesn't sound like we'll be seeing him on the court anytime soon. It looks like he'll be out for at least another couple weeks and possibly more.

Via Michael Lee of the Washington Post:

Nene, 30, visited Mark S. Myerson, the medical director at the Institute for Foot and Ankle Reconstruction at Mercy Hospital in Baltimore, last week and said he was told that he was "probably three weeks away." When asked to elaborate on whether that meant he would play or begin practicing in three weeks, Nene hedged off a specific timeline, simply explaining how he continues to deal with soreness as a result of plantar fasciitis near the heel of his left foot.

Nene also said outsiders "have no clue" how much pain he's in, noting that he actually tore a ligament in his foot at one point over the past 11 months. Doctors have advised him to stay patient as he tries to return to the court.

Clearly, this is a sore subject for Nene. He seems eager to return to the court, but the lingering effects of a foot injury that originated over 11 months ago continue to dog him. The scary thing for both the Wizards and Nene himself is that the injury isn't going away anytime soon.