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Links: Wizards start 0-5 with loss to the Pacers

In today's links, the Wizards fought hard as usual but lost again after failing to close out their game against the Pacers.

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Same old song and dance links:

  • Once again, the Wizards competed for most of the game before failing to close out at the end, falling to the Pacers, 89-85. It's been the theme of the season so far, and it's unlikely to change much until John Wall gets back. The Wizards are one of two remaining winless teams in the NBA. How bad is it? Even the Bobcats have two wins. Recaps: [Us | SB Nation DC | Washington Post | CSN Washington | Indy Cornrows | Indy Star | Highlights | Hoopdata box score | Popcorn Machine]
  • Prolonged scoring droughts have become enemy No. 1 for the Wizards this season. [CSN Washington]
  • Bradley Beal finally had the game Wizards fans were hoping for against the Bucks, but his final stat line was soured by his last-minute ejection following his hard foul on Monta Ellis and shoving/shouting match with Brandon Jennings. [Us]
  • It didn't sound like Jennings nor Ellis had much of a problem with Beal's foul during their postgame comments, describing it as more ill-advised than dirty. [Us | Wizards Insider | Truth About It]
  • Evidently, the NBA didn't think much of the foul either, downgrading it to a flagrant foul penalty one. [Wizards Insider]
  • Beal may not have gotten his career off to a scintillating early start, but he's certainly made it interesting. [CSN Washington]
  • Kevin Seraphin is one of David Thorpe's five players who are ready to go from being role players to serious contributors. [ESPN Insider]
  • Over the past couple seasons the Wizards have lacked at pretty much every position but point guard. Early this year, with Wall's injury and the development of young big men, has it been the reverse? [Wizards Extreme]
  • Remember Josh Howard? No? No worries, the NBA seems to have forgotten him, too. [Wizards Insider]
  • Sounds more and more likely like Phil Jackson is going to be the next Lakers coach. [SB Nation | ESPN Los Angeles | The Point Forward | Yahoo! Sports]
  • After missing two games with a minor concussion, Anthony Davis has been cleared to return to the court. [Times-Picayune]