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Kevin Seraphin Injury Update: Wizards big man returns to practice and tweets "I'm Back"

After missing the season opener with a calf injury, Seraphin announced that he's getting closer to making a return to the court.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Before Tuesday's game against the Cavaliers, the Wizards' French big man Kevin Seraphin expressed his frustration at missing the first game of the season, tweeting "too shame i cant play the first game". However, it looks like things are getting better as the Wizards get ready for Saturday's home opener against the Celtics.

Thursday afternoon, Seraphin hopped on Twitter and invoked Michael Jordan's famous comeback press release as he announced his return:

Seraphin followed that up shortly after with some more details on his first day back on the practice floor.

Seraphin hasn't provided any timetable on when we'll see him again on the court, but the Wizards do have a very forgiving schedule at the moment that should allow to continue to recover without missing many games. The Wizards don't play again until Saturday night against the Celtics at home. After that, they don't play again until Wednesday, November 7th. So even if Seraphin isn't ready to play for another week, he'd only miss two games. But still, getting back on the practice floor is a big first step, and one that hopefully leads to seeing him suit up for the home opener on Saturday.