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Manute Bol's son can hoop

Son of late Washington Bullet Manute Bol shows off his skills in a new mixtape.

Bol Bol, son of the late Manute Bol, is pretty good at basketball. I guess it helps to be the son of an NBA player. Oh, and it probably also helps being 6'5" in the 7th grade. Regardless, this kid is impressive, and thanks to a new highlight video that has made the rounds on the internet today we get to see him in action.

There's no telling how good he'll be in the future, whether he'll make it in the NBA, whether he'll make it to the NBA, how tall he'll grow to be, or how funny he thinks this SNL commercial starring his dad is. All we know are two things:

1) This kid can ball right now.

2) Any day you get a chance to reminisce about Manute Bol, his NBA career, his life and family, and the great humanitarian work with which he was associated is a good day.

(H/T: The Basketball Jones)