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Wizards Training Camp: Shelvin Mack explains his "Think Positive" tweets

Shelvin Mack shares why he often tweets "Think Positive..." and how he has maintained a positive attitude throughout his career.

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Every day, that's the quote Shelvin Mack tweets to keep himself going. Following the Washington Wizards' final training camp practice at George Mason, he opened up about how he maintains a positive attitude in the face of uncertainty and adversity:

"It's a business, so you've got to stay positive, like I said. Every year someone is coming in the NBA, and someone is coming out. Same thing with the Miami Heat: They got some new players this year even though they won the championship last year. You're trying to get better. It's what we need for our team," he said. ... "We didn't want [John to get hurt] but [he] did, so it provides opportunity—just staying positive gives you the best chance at taking advantage of the opportunity instead of being negative—when you're down—and you're not ready for the opportunity you're just standing by.

Mack also talked about the origins of his positivity:

"[I learned it] in college with Coach [Brad] Stevens. Just coming in with a positive attitude every day. It makes everyone else around you happy. If you’re thinking positive, the next guy is going to think positive. If you think "Oh wow, I missed that shot," they're going to think the same thing when they have that opportunity."

Following his lackluster summer league performance and all the fluctuations at the point guard position this offseason, Mack has shown more growth and maturity in this first week of camp, in the preseason opener against the Bobcats, and in his attendance at Tim Grgurich's camp.

In a franchise plagued by stagnation and immaturity, Shelvin Mack's positive attitude, professionalism, and maturity are sure to be well-received.

More training camp coverage to come.