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Kevin Seraphin Injury Update: Announces on Twitter he won't play season opener

The Wizards' big man has missed the past two weeks after injuring his calf.

Michael Hickey-US PRESSWIRE

It's been over two weeks since Kevin Seraphin injured his calf against the Cavaliers in preseason action, and it appears like his calf will continue to keep him off the floor as the Wizards begin the season. Seraphin had this to say on Twitter last night in regards to his chances of playing in Tuesday's game in Cleveland.

It's worth noting that Seraphin sent this tweet out on Sunday, and that no official word on his status has come out yet. If it does, we'll pass it along.

Seraphin, along with John Wall and Nene, will be out for Tuesday's game. The good news is the Wizards don't have another game until Saturday at home against Boston, so hopefully three days off will give the big man a chance to get healthy for the second game of the season.