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Wizards had 'semi-serious' discussion about trading Bradley Beal for James Harden, according to report

One report suggests that the Wizards had discussions about trading Bradley Beal for James Harden.


During our first Google Hangout yesterday, we discussed whether, hypothetically, it would have been worth trading Bradley Beal in a package for James Harden. As it turns out, the Washington Wizards themselves may have had the same discussion at some point or another.

Zach Lowe, writing for Grantland, suggests that the Wizards were one of several teams that had "at least semi-serious internal or external discussions" on the possibility of trading for Harden (check the footnotes). The trade package would have centered around Beal, according to Lowe, but no further details are given. The Golden State Warriors, Utah Jazz and Toronto Raptors are three other teams that were mentioned in the piece.

It's not clear when these discussions took place, but it's possible they happened around the draft. Remember that Beal himself admitted that Thunder general manager Sam Presti told him they were considering a trade up to secure his services. If true, Harden surely would have been a part of those discussions.

So, would you have tried to trade for Harden? If so, what would you have given up?