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Come hang out and talk Wizards before Hurricane Sandy

Before you prepare for Hurricane Sandy, come talk Wizards with us.


UPDATE: Here's the video.

We've mentioned before that we'll be doing more video content this year, and that starts tonight. I'm excited to announce the debut of a (hopefully) weekly live videocast on our beloved Wizards. Come join myself, Amin, Jeff and BNIE tonight at 8 p.m. as we run through some key Wizards talking points, some interesting what-if hypotheticals with James Harden and much more. We'll also take your questions in the comments section and discuss them among ourselves.

Here's our general outline for tonight's hangout, though we'll surely veer off into different topics.

  1. Preseason wrap-up: good, bad, ugly, etc.
  2. What should the starting lineup be? Who should make the final roster?
  3. Impressions of Bradley Beal, his future role and the James Harden hypothetical.
  4. Reader questions.
  5. Show wrap-up.

We'll embed the video closer to 8 p.m.

Normally, we'll be doing these during the week, but we've moved this up a day to account for Hurricane Sandy. We're hoping you guys can come hang out with us to talk Wizards before the storm moves in.