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Links: Washington Wizards put out the Miami Heat, and David Stern makes his retirement official

In today's Washington Wizards links, Martell Webster and Chris Singleton lead the Wiz to an encouraging preseason win over the Miami Heat. Oh, and David Stern announces when he'll retire. No biggie.

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Not much going on lately links:

  • Martell Webster kept up his excellent preseason play and Chris Singleton got mean in the Wizards' 101-94 win over the defending champion Heat on Wednesday. Sure, it's preseason, but this win felt pretty good, mostly because the Heat weren't trying to throw it away. No, LeBron wasn't in at the end, and yes, the Big Three pretty much dominated every second they were on the floor together, but Dwyane Wade and Ray Allen were still trying to win the game in the closing minutes, and the Wizards kept making big shots to stay ahead. [Us | Wizards Insider | Washington Examiner | CSN Washington | Truth About It | Wiz of Awes | Wizards Extreme | Hot Hot Hoops | Miami Herald | South Florida Sun Sentinel | Highlights & box score | Postgame interviews (Randy Wittman, Webster, Bradley Beal, Singleton, Jordan Crawford, Shelvin Mack, Brian Cook)]
  • But since its the preseason, all the Internet cared about afterwards was LeBron's nifty behind-the-back, between-the-legs fake-out of the Two Trevors. [SB Nation | Opposing Views | USA Today | SportsGrid | NBA Mistress | FootBasket]
  • Ted was pleased with the team's effort against the Heat. [Ted's Take]
  • BNIE was excited to see the Wizards maintain the identity they began to forge at the end of last season. [Us]
  • KC BBQ ain't no thang to Earl Barron. [Us]
  • A familiar radio voice called game, and it wasn't Dave Johnson. [D.C. Sports Bog]
  • I'm not sure exactly what Kyle Weidie is getting at comparing LeBron taunting the Trevors to Mitt Romney taunting poor people. It's so subtle... [Truth About It]
  • The Wizards wrap up their preseason tonight at 7:30 pm. ET against the Spurs. You can watch on Comcast Sportsnet. [Pounding The Rock]
  • John Wall was named the fourth-best D.C. athlete under 25 by CSN Washington, below Robert Griffin III, Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg. Not sure anyone can argue with that top 3, and Wall certainly has as much potential as anyone on the list, but does he deserve to be No. 4 over athletes who have enjoyed more individual and team success in their respective sports? [CSN Washington | D.C. Sports Bog]
  • Guess which NBA player Kurt Helin thinks has the most to prove this season. [ProBasketballTalk]
  • The Wizards and Caps will have a slightly-different radio arrangement next season. Both teams' games will be broadcast on 106.7 The Fan, but during conflicts Wizards games will be heard on 1500 WFED, which mostly broadcast Caps games last season. [D.C. Sports Bog]
  • The assumption following the offseason acquisitions of Trevor Ariza and Webster was that Singleton was the odd man out at small forward, but he's forcing his way into the rotation at both forward spots with his aggressive play in preseason. [Washington Examiner | CSN Washington]
  • Emeka Okafor doesn't mind shattering the stereotype of the typical NBA player. Fun read. [Washington Post]
  • Of course, Wall might have conformed to that stereotype a smidge when he noticed Bryce Harper asking for a a pair of Robert Griffin III's socks and decided he needed some as well. Athletes + Twitter = Fun (most of the time). [D.C. Sports Bog]
  • Cartier Martin hasn't gotten much burn this preseason, but that's likely because he has the most easily- and narrowly-defined role on the team, and Randy Wittman needs those minutes to evaluate players and lineups that still have question marks. [Washington Post | Washington Times]
  • You know who we've seen even less of this preseason? Steven Gray. []
  • Thomas examines the Wizards as part of SB Nation's series of NBA previews. [Us]
  • An opposing scout breaks down the Wizards. [SI]
  • Frank Hanrahan provides five reasons Wizards fan can be optimistic heading into the season. [Sheridan Hoops]
  • Aside from Wall and Bradley Beal, which if the young Wizards has the highest ceiling? [Us]
  • Bill Simmons might start to rival John Hollinger for the title of "Biggest ESPN-affiliated Wizards hater." [D.C. Sports Bog]
  • Yahoo! Sports has released it's NBA power rankings, and the Wizards...oof.
  • Should the playoffs even be a goal for the Wizards anymore? [Truth About It]
  • Several Wizards spent their Monday evening serving dinner to military members at a downtown steakhouse. [D.C. Sports Bog |]
  • What's your take on some of Vegas's over/unders for the Wizards? [Truth About It]
  • Oh, did you hear? David Stern is retiring Feb. 1...of 2014. Ha! Had you excited for a second, didn't I?? [SB Nation | ESPN | Yahoo! Sports | SI | CBS Sports | The Point Forward (press conference, Stern's legacy) | Star-Ledger]
  • What can NBA fans hope for from Adam Silver? [The Point Forward]
  • What are some of the biggest rookie storylines to keep track of this NBA season? [ESPN Insider]
  • Want proof that Kyrie Irving is still a kid? Dude just had his wisdom teeth removed. He should be ready in time for the start of the regular season four days from now against the Wizards, but will the Vicodin have worn off by then? (Fingers crossed) [Fear The Sword]
  • It looks like Greenbelt-native Delonte West's tenure with the Mavericks is officially over after being suspended from the team for the second time in two weeks. [SB Nation | ESPN Dallas]