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Wizards serve military families at charity event

A great event highlighted by Jordan Crawford wearing an apron and bow tie.

Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

One of the underrated events of the year for the Wizards is when they host Salute to the Stars. It's great because:

  1. Some really deserving service members get a chance to get a chance to meet with the Wizards, and get a nice meal as well.
  2. We get to see photos of Wizards wearing aprons and bow ties, which is always fun.

This year, John Wall, Bradley Beal, Jordan Crawford, Shelvin Mack and Emeka Okafor all took part, along with assistant coach Sam Cassell and Chris Miller and Phil Chenier from CSN Washington. Unfortunately, Trevor Booker wasn't at this year's event, so you'll just have to settle for Photoshop for all your Cook Book imaging needs. As for everyone else, enjoy:

The thing you have to like with that last photo is Beal's spacing. He has a gift for knowing the right spot to be on the floor at all times and he knows the right time to dish it out. Maybe he missed his calling as a waiter.

You can check out more photos on the Wizards' site.