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Nene injury update: Wizards' center uncertain for season opener

Will Nene be ready for the season opener?


Wizards center Nene Hilario may not be available for the team's season opening game against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Oct. 30th, according to the Washington Post. The Brazilian forward suffered a plantar fasciitis injury while playing in the London Olympics this summer, and has been fighting the nagging injury ever since. Wizards head coach Randy Whitman said that he'll let Nene determine when he comes back, but he'll have to practice first before he can see game time.

Nene is being cautious about not coming back too early, as reaggravating a plantar fasciitis injury is a sure way to have foot problems for the entire season:

"I'm getting there, man. I believe I'm making progress," Nene said. "I just want to make sure I'm 100 percent because I don't want this kind of injury again on a season."

He received electric stimulation treatment from a foot specialist earlier this week.

Nene was traded to the Wizards last season from the Denver Nuggets in the JaVale McGee deal. He missed 10 games for the Wizards with the same plantar fasciitis injury that's currently bothering him.

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