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Links: Recapping the loss to the Raptors, plus a couple site changes

Today's Washington Wizards links.

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Today's links and other notes:

  • First things first: last night, our product team completed another update on the new site layout. Some things that have been added or updated: names of authors on stories in the cover, more FanPosts displaying on the front page, indicators that a story on the page is from another SB Nation site, accurate and updating comment counts on stories within a StoryStream, trending stories that are now relevant to the league being covered, improved mobile performance and more. These changes have been made due to the direct feedback our community members on all our sites have given us, and I for one am incredibly impressed at our product team's responsiveness. Keep the feedback coming.
  • Recaps of last night's 104-101 loss to the Toronto Raptors. [Us | Washington Post | CSN Washington | Raptors HQ | National Post | Toronto Star | Globe and Mail | RaptorBlog |
  • Did you hear? John Wall hasn't heard of Jon Bon Jovi. [Washington Post | NBC Washington]
  • Randy Wittman hasn't been thrilled with Jan Vesely's play thus far in preseason. [Washington Times]
  • Not the best game in the world for Bradley Beal last night. [Washington Post]
  • A really nice piece on Trevor Booker's rehab and approach. [Washington Post]
  • This preseason hasn't gone according to plan. [Truth About It]
  • Booker needs to step up his game, but it's good to have him back. [CSN Washington]
  • You should definitely read jkhan15's Clipboard today. It talks about how the Wizards use Beal as a threat in their flex offense. [Us]
  • Beal has the fifth-best odds to win Rookie of the Year. Can he get it done? [CSN Washington]
  • Beal spoke to HoopsWorld recently about playing with John Wall. [HoopsWorld]
  • Rashard Lewis talks as if he didn't play basketball in each of the last two years. [Us | South Florida Sun-Sentinel]
  • You want to read a puff piece about JaVale McGee from this week's ESPN the Magazine? Of course you do.
  • LeBron to the Lakers in 2014? Shoot me now. [ESPN | SB Nation (me)]