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Miami tries to help Rashard Lewis forget he was a Wizard the last two seasons

Pretty sure the Wizards' accounting team still remembers Lewis quite well.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Regardless of how you feel about Rashard Lewis' stint in Washington, most people can agree that he was put in a rough situation when he was traded to Washington in the Gilbert Arenas deal. He was coming in to replace a star who had fallen from grace and help a team with no hope of making a playoff run. Sure, he was getting paid quite handsomely to work in those substandard conditions, but it still had to be exhausting on a mental and emotional level.

Still, I'm not sure trying to get Rashard to forget about his time in Washington is the best way for Miami to get Lewis' mind right. Via the Sun Sentinel (thanks to Evan Dunlap of Orlando Pinstriped Post for the tip):

"Rashard, it's great to have him out here," Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. "He missed two years. It's going to take some time. We'll be patient."

Sure, he missed quite a few games, but Lewis did play 60 games over two seasons with the Wizards. It's not like he showed up in Washington and decided to take a sabbatical. He tried to play, he accidentally lost his jersey once, he tried to be a leader, he allegedly got chippy with coaches during practice, and did other things that people who played basketball over the past two seasons did.

But lest you think Miami's coaches are the only ones in on this conspiracy to get people to ignore when Rashard Lewis was a Wizard, think again. Earlier in that article, when talking about Rashard Lewis' rehab, Shandel Richardson wrote this:

He fears it will set back the process, one that has been almost two years in the making. That was the last time he played a meaningful game, so naturally his comeback with the Miami Heat has gone slower than expected.

Oh yeah? Well, there was that, forget it. He's got us there. But we'll always remember that time he had that dunk against the Rockets.

(For those of you wondering, that was the best highlight we could find of him on the Wizards on YouTube. If you can find a better one, let us know in the comments.)