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Wizards vs. Nets Highlights

Emeka Okafor's return to the lineup wasn't enough to lift the Wizards against the Nets in their first game at the Barclays Center.

One of the nice things about playing teams in major markets is that there's more eyes on the game, which means more people recording the game and in turn, more people to put clips from the game up on YouTube. Of course, most of the highlights you end up finding wind up being for the other team, but occasionally you get some gems.

Take this Emeka Okafor dunk, for instance.

That's a nice move from Okafor, especially considering it's his first game back after being sidelined with food poisoning and flu-like symptoms. You almost wonder if the weight he lost going through that gave him a little extra confidence to pull that move. Then again, he probably had some confidence just knowing who he was going up against.

Blatche wound up having the last laugh, of course, thanks in part to these two nice dunks off feeds from Joe Johnson.

Bradley Beal had another solid game last night, but also ended up on the highlight reel for a less than ideal reason:

Some might take this opportunity to point out Beal's lack of height, but I think this was more of an issue with inexperience. Even if he had an extra inch or two. Humphries was still going to swat that ball off the glass. He just has to understand when to pull back on the fast break and set up a play rather than force a shot that leads to a quick turnover.