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Knicks vs. Wizards postgame quotes: On ball movement and anxiety

The Washington Wizards sound off after a preseason loss to the New York Knicks.


WASHINGTON -- Here are some notable quotes from the locker room following the Washington Wizards' 108-101 loss to the New York Knicks in their second preseason game at the Verizon Center.


On the first unit's struggles: "We just pounded the ball too much to start the game. Pound, pound, pound, then pass. Instead of looking to pass, move and cut, we just pounded it way too much. There was no ball movement."

On Trevor Ariza: "He's trying to fit in. I think what he's doing is determining plays in his mind no matter what the defense has done. He can't do that. I thought, one of the first few possessions of the game, he had a wide-open three, and he turned it down and drove it into three guys to try to get a shot off."

On the Knicks' three-point barrage: "We looked shocked when [Steve Novak] made something. We were like, 'Are you kidding me? He made a shot?' That's a little disconcerting to me."

On Jan Vesely: "Jan's got to be more aggressive. Right now, he's a little tentative when he's rolling to the basket and finishing at the rim. It's not with the authority we've seen. We've seen him do it. I know he can, and he's not doing it."


On how he draws fouls: "More than likely, when you bump a defender, the foul is going to be called on the defender. That's what refs always told me. So I'm just trying to find a way to draw contact and get the ball up to the rim as best as I can."

On the first unit's offensive struggles: "I don't know if it's anxiousness or the hype of actually having to put the ball in the basket. I think sometimes guys are trying to create too much instead of find open guys. But I think once the game gets going, we'll be fine."


On the second unit's success: "I think the second unit is more advanced and has more experience playing out there on the floor together. I think the game slows down a bit for us."

On Bradley Beal's game: "I remember my first couple of years, I was just playing at 100 miles an hour all the time. But he has a change of pace. He goes into the pick slow, and then, when he sees an opening, he attacks it. I think that's the combination of just being poised and aggressive at the same time."


On the team's offensive struggles: "There's a lot of times watching the offense out there where we get anxiety, going a little faster than we need to be going. We just need to sit back and let the game come to us."

On fixing the team's problems: "The worst thing you can do is bring the house down on everyone, because not all players are built like that. Some people can understand the message. Some people fall victim to 'Oh, he's yelling.' That's why you've got to lay back and think, 'It's preseason. We'll work through it. We'll come back and watch film and work on it on the practice court.'"

On Bradley Beal: "He says he wants to compare himself to Ray Allen, but he's a little more Flash-y than Ray Allen. I say he's got a little bit of the Flash, D-Wade, in him."


On getting better ball movement: "We've got to trust each other. We've got to play together as a unit, more cohesive. It's very obvious that's the difference between the first and second unit."