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Wizards media day: Lots of players worked on their jump shot

The members of the Washington Wizards tell you what they worked on this summer.

Chris Trotman - Getty Images

WASHINGTON -- What did your favorite Washington Wizards players work on this summer to improve their games? Let them tell you.

JOHN WALL: "It's just the same thing. I know when I go off pick and rolls, guys are going to go under [the screen], so I've got to be able to make the jump shot. I've got to take those shots when they come. If I have a wide-open three, I'm going to take that with confidence and won't hesitate. Just the same stuff I've been doing, working on [shooting off] the types of moves I'd be doing during the season. Instead of just coming off [screens] slow, come off full speed, staying sharp, staying balanced, making sure I'm following through. A lot of my shots are fadeaways, so that's something you've got to work on, like Kobe and those guys. If I stay balanced and keep my follow through, I'll be alright."

JAN VESELY: "I worked during most the offseason on my outside shot ... I just wanted to focus on my shooting style, just with my feet and my hands. I just worked as much as I can on my outside shot."

SHELVIN MACK: "I worked on my body, lost a few pounds, which helped my quickness out. Then, I was constantly working on my jump shot. The main reason they drafted me was because I could shoot the ball. It didn't go so well last year, so I'm just continuing to work on it and getting more comfortable from the three-point line and in my pick and roll game."

TREVOR BOOKER: "Just getting my jump shot more consistent. I think if I make that more consistent, people will start running at me, and I can make more plays off the dribble."

A.J. PRICE: "Honestly, it's more of a mental thing than anything in my game. I don't get into numbers that much, but I know I didn't shoot as well as I can shoot the ball. I think that's a direct correlation of confidence and mental preparation. Just getting my mind right, new place, new surrounding, new start, all of those things will boost my morale and get me back to where I need to be ... Other than that, [the mental element] is something personally I have to address, how I approach games, how I approach the season, whatever it may be. I have to change or do something different, because it wasn't going the way I wanted things to go."

Sensing a theme? Fear not: there were others that didn't just mention their jumper.

TREVOR ARIZA: I worked on handling the basketball. I always thought I could be better at dribbling the basketball, and I did that a lot this season ... I worked on my overall game, period, but [I focused on] handling the ball."

CHRIS SINGLETON: "I [worked on] going even when I go against someone [defensively]. I can't let them drive past me. Too many times, I was just off. I closed out wrong, I had a couple blowbys. I led the team in blowbys ... I gave up the baseline a lot last year, and without us having training camp, the team wasn't ready to help out on the backside."

MARTELL WEBSTER: "People always say, 'Oh, can he create his own shot off the dribble?' So I worked on my ball-handling, different situations on the floor offensively. But all around, I worked on everything."

CARTIER MARTIN: "Putting the ball on the floor, one/two-dribble pullups, being a better defender, making more shots, being better at every phase of the game besides just scoring the ball. I did some cone drills, working on my ball-handling with tennis balls and smaller balls. Also, maintaining my strength in the weight room, getting up some extra shots, and I did some Bikram yoga over the summer to gain some flexibility back in these ankles and knees."

KEVIN SERAPHIN: "The defense and the rebounding, those are the kinds of things you gain with experience, so you can't really work on that. So, I'm working on my skills, my hook shots, my left and my right, improving my moves."

EMEKA OKAFOR: "Durability this year was the main focus ... Most of my offseason was spent getting right. But it's my ninth year. I can rebound. I can defend. I can finish. Hopefully, I can show you guys I can shoot."

JORDAN CRAWFORD: "I just improved all my game. Whatever the coaches asked, I'm going to do what they need."

Note: I wasn't in the Bradley Beal scrum, so I didn't get a chance to ask the question. Nene dodged my query.