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Flip Saunders' Job Is Safe, According To Report

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It looks like Flip Saunders is not on the chopping block, at least not yet. Michael Lee has the report:

Despite the Wizards being off to a franchise-worst 0-8 start, the organization does not have any intention of firing Coach Flip Saunders at this time, according to two sources with knowledge of the situation.

The logic, according to the report, is that Ted Leonsis is not inclined to immediately shift into "Plan B" of the rebuilding project just eight games into the season. As you probably saw by now, Leonsis had this to say on the blog today:

There is a lot of noise right now – and lots of angst – I have found the best thing to do in times of stress and turmoil is to do research; be analytical; NOT emotional; and try to find ways to improve.

Of course, one could very easily argue that changing coaches is not changing the rebuilding plan, and in fact often enhances it. Nevertheless, it appears the Wizards are staying the course for now.