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Rashard Lewis, Sam Cassell Get Into Argument, Lewis Refused To Play, According To Report

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UPDATE: Lewis and Flip Saunders have denied the report.

As if things couldn't get any worse for the Washington Wizards, Frank Hanrahan of CSN Washington offers this report for why Rashard Lewis did not play today against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Apparently, the "sore knee" thing was a farce.

The Wizards are off to a franchise worst 0-8 start, and to make matters more troubling a team source tells that Wizards' forward Rashard Lewis got into an argument with Wizards' assistant coach Sam Cassell before the Minnesota game and Lewis decided he didn't want to play.

Something seemed very weird about Lewis not playing. On Friday, Lewis committed a turnover, then refused to run back as Carmelo Anthony went in for a slam. He then missed a couple more shots and was taken out for good midway through the third quarter. Before the game, there was no sign he wouldn't play, with Flip Saunders even talking about the need to run different sets to get him going. Then, only 20 minutes before the game, the PR staff informed us he wouldn't play with the knee injury. It all makes sense now.