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Washington Wizards Squeak by Charlotte Bobcats: The Ship Still Floats

You live by the BJ Mullens, you die by the BJ Mullens!

I am not sure how many Knute Rockne speeches on CAN give during the course of the season, but I am fairly certain that the Wizards coaching staff could read the Bell Jar to the team and get a better reaction than whatever is currently being said. Flat in the third, let a bad team crawl back into the game, and barely got out of of Dodge with a win.....

Coach WIttman: "You guy are doing all the right things, I just want you to do them a bit less."

Wizards: (Blank stares)

Coach Wittman: "Now go out there and smoke them if you got them!"

Wizards: (Blank stares)

If I were the coach, (and thank goodness I'm not), my entire halftime speech would consist of screaming BJ MULLENS until they realized that what they were doing was wrong,

OK, so it was the Bobcats with a star turn from BJ Mullens. But a win is a win is a win. Go out and celebrate tonight, because tomorrow there will be inevitable drama.

One brief game note:

  • I'm not sure what is going on with Andray Blatche. He appeared to staredown Wittman after getting pulled from the game and basically jogged up and down the court. Mike Lee later reported that Blatche was out with a "strained" left calf. Hmmmm I say. Hmmmmmmmmm.