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Washington Wizards vs. Houston Rockets: Regular Season Game 18 Open Thread

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2011/12 NBA Regular Season
<a class='sbn-auto-link' href=
10-8 3-15
January 27, 2012
Toyota Center
8 PM
Kyle Lowry
PG John Wall
Courtney Lee
SG Nick Young
Chandler Parsons
SF Rashard Lewis
Luis Scola
PF Jan Vesely
Samuel Dalembert
C JaVale McGee

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SB Nation D.C. | SB Nation Houston

Mike is taking a much needed break over the weekend, so I will be your caretaker for both the Rockets and Bobcats.

Some quick thoughts before we launch:

  • We have talked about the OKC model and Mike's Seattle model, but what about the Rockets model? Looking at their team should give any fan cause for concern that even by stockpiling the best assets, an organization is unable to to pull off a trade to get over the hump. That is how you end up with a lot of nice pieces, but no true superstar.
  • Chandler Parsons dunking on JaVale McGee - funny or not?
  • Blatche vs. Scola - who you got?
  • Is Kevin Martin the rich man's Nick Young?