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Charlotte Bobcats Vs. Washington Wizards: Regular Season Game 17 Open Thread

2011/12 NBA Regular Season
<a class='sbn-auto-link' href=
3-15 2-14
January 25, 2012
Verizon Center
7 PM
Kemba Walker
PG John Wall
Gerald Henderson
Nick Young
Derrick Brown
SF Rashard Lewis
Tyrus Thomas PF Andray Blatche
Byron Mullens C JaVale McGee

PREGAME READING: Rufus On Fire | SB Nation D.C.

More to come (constantly refreshing):

  • Randy Wittman said he'll start the same five that began the game against Philadelphia, but also said he is treating each player with a "blank slate."
  • Wittman repeated his ethos about the players earning PT in practice. I asked how that will happen when the team won't actually practice much due to the compressed schedule, and Wittman admitted that "shootarounds are going to have to be some practice days for us."
  • Andray Blatche spoke before the game, proving once again that, for all his faults, he faces the music. "At some time and point, we can't just say it's our coaches' fault. We just got to do something on our own. We're all accountable for this."
  • Blatche said he and Wittman talked and Wittman was blunt with him. "He said it clearly. He's disappointed in how he's playing this season and I agree with him." I asked Blatche if Flip Saunders ever did that, and Blatche said Saunders mostly "made sure I kept my head [and] was trying to be positive." I found that interesting.
  • This was not a vote of confidence in Wittman's talking point that the Wizards need to run more. Blatche: "We were running when Flip was here so I don’t know about that. That's what Flip mentioned, get out and run."
  • Speaking of a lack of confidence, here's Wittman: "It's going to be a process. There's no miracles. I don't have the magic touch. But it's going to be a process that's gotta start tonight. If we do that, if we have a full focus of changing and playing the way that we need to play, good things are gonna happen."
  • Also, don't expect a lot of structural changes to the offense tonight. Wittman: "No, it's not a whole lot of structural change. Like I said, there's not a lot structurally we can do right now. They had a day off yesterday and we had a shootaround today. So you tell me how much we structurally changed it."