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Links: Doc Rivers Thinks The Wizards Are Improving

Today's links, which don't include all the game recaps because it's already 1:30.

  • Before yesterday's game, Doc Rivers said he noticed the Wizards having better body language in recent games. [Wizards Insider]
  • Rivers also said he thinks his team came out of training camp out of shape. [Boston Herald]
  • How can the Wizards finish games better? Here's Flip Saunders' answer to that question, along with more reflections. [CSN Washington | Truth About It]
  • Some videos that indicate that all those points Kevin Garnett scored late on Sunday were actually Trevor Booker's fault, not Andray Blatche's. [Truth About It]
  • Speaking of Blatche, here's Saunders on him being booed. [SB Nation D.C.]
  • Jason Reid writes that the Wizards need to get rid of all three of JaVale McGee, Blatche and Nick Young. It's a classic Reid column in this sense: he's probably not wrong (though you could argue fairly reasonable I think that it's prudent to just give McGee what he wants this summer), but he's not exactly moving the conversation forward beyond some one-line zingers. [Washington Post]
  • Spencer Hawes is out tonight. So is his backup, Nikola Vucevic. Elton Brand's a game-time decision. Who's left? [CSN Philly]
  • Some reflections on whether the 76ers should have picked John Wall in 2010 if they had the No. 1 pick. [Liberty Ballers]
  • Andray Blatche shows up on this list of the league's biggest disappointments, while Nick Young and Jordan Crawford are honorable mentions. [Zach Lowe]
  • Buck and Phil speaking Mandarin. I know you want to click. [DC Sport Bog]
  • Young gives a very Nick Young kind of interview here. [Dime]
  • For all those gushing over Kyrie Irving (correctly, I might add), here's Byron Scott calling out his poor defense. []
  • Gilbert Arenas heads this list of the top unsigned free agents. Don't get any ideas, people. [TBJ]
  • Me, on SB Nation, on Denver's two-point guard lineup.