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Celtics Vs. Wizards Postgame Quotes: John Wall Wanted To Guard Paul Pierce Straight Up

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Here are your postgame quotes from today's 100-94 Wizards loss to the Celtics. The most striking ones involve John Wall seemingly disagreeing with all the late double-teams on Paul Pierce when he was guarding him. Here they are:

John Wall

On who decided he'd guard Pierce: "I wanted to. I was ready to guard him."

On why he asked to guard Pierce: "We were trying different ways. He was just scoring, so why not try another person on him?"

On the Wizards' strategy to double-team him: "With a player like that, it's tough to double-team him because he does a good job of picking you apart. That's what he did."

On whether he wanted to guard Pierce straight up with no double-team: "Yeah, I think I would have. He's a great player for a reason. He's going to find a way, so I would have tried to guard him straight up and, if not force him into a tough shot, force him to find a man in the paint where there's an opportunity for a shot block then. When you send the double-team early, you give him an opportunity to pick us apart and find shooters, especially that basket Kevin Garnett hit."

Flip Saunders

On who made the call to have Wall guard Pierce: "Both [our decisions]. He did as good a job as anybody, really. At the end, he got into him and used his quickness. But it's tough, because when great players get it going early, it's tough all of a sudden to put someone on him and stop him, because he gets into such a good rhythm."

On Chris Singleton's defense: "Chris has gotten in foul trouble the last three games going against top 3s. He's not being as aggressive as he needs to be early. He's kind of waiting to see what they do, but the great 3s in this league, they're going to be aggressive and come at you and get you back on your heels."

On the late-game offense: "We got ahead because we defended and got out and ran, but we also moved the ball offensively. All of a sudden, we got ahead and the ball had Velcro. When you're involved in a pick and roll and [Kevin] Garnett is trapping, he's the best in the league. He smothered our guys, and our guys were trying to shoot over a double team when he's 7'1'' a lot of times instead of giving yourself up, moving the ball and getting it to the weakside."

On Garnett's dunk: "If anyone would have rotated to him, he would have passed it. He didn't want to shoot unless it was a dunk. Any kind of rotation and he would have passed it. We just didn't [rotate]. I think we thought the shot clock was coming down, and he kind of surprised us with the pump fake and going to the basket."

Jordan Crawford

On his exchange where he drew a Celtics technical: "You just can't back down from nobody, no matter the circumstance. I just felt it was needed it at the time."

Andray Blatche

On how to play better late-game offense: "We got to be patient and slow the game down. The fourth quarter is when you go to your meat and potatoes. Take your time and really, really play basketball. Slow it down with everything you do. You got to go from being a full-court transition team to being a half-court team. That's when you got to be patient."