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Nuggets Vs. Wizards Postgame Quotes: Flip Saunders On Booing Andray Blatche

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The quotes are brief today because the team shuttled out quickly. Andray Blatche was gone by the time we entered the locker room, and the players that did speak didn't speak for long. Here are your quotes, though, featuring Flip Saunders commenting on the fans booing Blatche.

Flip Saunders

On the second quarter: "The pace that they play at, that's how they always play. We don't always play at that pace, so I think some of our guys got a little bit winded and we got caught up into their game."

On the late-game execution: "At the beginning of the year, we did so much one-on-one. We're moving the ball better, a lot more assists tonight, but sometimes we have a tendency late for the ball to get stoned to us. We hold the ball and we wait for the defense to guard us instead of getting the ball right away, attacking them and keeping them on their heels. We didn't do as much of that late, and I'd like us to be more aggressive."

On booing Andray Blatche: "I can understand where fans get upset or whatever, but I've always said this ... booing is not going to help somebody play better. It's showing displeasure, but I don't think by booing, all of a sudden he's going to go out and get 20 points and 15 rebounds because you're booing him. If that was the case, everyone would do it."

Jordan Crawford

On if there was progress: "This one hurt, because we felt we were better than this team, and to give it up like that, we shot ourselves in the foot."

On the late-game possessions: "We just got to make better decisions. As time goes on, we're going to get better."

Nick Young

On what happened after the first quarter: "I don't know. I was sitting for a while, but I don't want to make no excuses. I should have gotten back in, and they should have run more plays for me, but there's no excuses."

John Wall

On the late-game execution: "I think we're a more mature team [than last year] and know what it takes to win close games. We just need to get stops, and make easy shots. I think tonight we forced ourselves into tougher shots than what we did the other night. That's how the game slipped away."

On the missed three with 40 seconds left: "We were trading two and two back and forth and the game was getting late, but knowing time management, knowing the game, I shouldn't have taken the shot. I should have tried to force it to the paint. It's a learning experience for me."

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