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Poll: The Divisiveness of the JaVale McGee Dunk

Obviously, the JaVale McGee dunk has begun to overshadow everything else surrounding the Washington Wizards. Opinion, both within the team as well as the community of Washington Wizards fans appears to be divided as to whether the dunk was appropriate within the context of the game. Mike broke down the schism in depth at SBNDC, and suffice to say, its not a pretty situation

I have my own opinion on this which I shall go into depth on later, but the short version is that I think the dunk represents troubling issues that are effecting the team which go far beyond a single action. In no way should this be read as condemning JaVale McGee as a "guilty" party, but if the team has reached a point where a player feels that he can actively freelance to that level, then something is rotten in the state of D.C.

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