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Rockets Vs. Wizards: Post-Game Quotes From Flip Saunders And More

By request (and a good idea): key quotes from each player and coach that we spoke to in the Washington Wizards' locker room following Monday's 114-106 loss to the Houston Rockets.

Note: for everything on JaVale McGee's backboard dunk and that fallout, click here. Not going to post the same quotes in two places.


On why McGee didn't play in the fourth quarter: "We weren't playing well when he was on the floor, basically. He couldn't help us in pick and rolls. But as I told our guys, we have to get to the point where it doesn't matter what your stats are, it's what the team does. You look at Chicago. Who closes their games? A lot of times, it's their bench."

On all the losing: "You can say it really kills you to lose, but until it really kills you? For me, for 3-4 weeks, I've been on a steady diet of Subway, which is 20 minutes from my condo, and I bring it back up to my apartment. Because like I said, you don't feel good about yourself. As a team, that's how it has to be. It has to really hurt a lot.


On preaching team-first play: "It shouldn't be too hard when you look at our record. Playing selfishly hasn't gotten us very far, so I think that's encouraging to know that doing it the selfish way isn't going to win."


On moral victories: "We keep putting ourselves in a hole, then we make this little comeback and everybody kind of feels happy with the little comeback. That's getting old."


On trying to fix selfish play: "That was my mindset coming into the game when I got the ball. Just try to swing it. Hopefully the guys will see that and they want to do that."


On inconsistency: "We're the most self-inflicted team in the league right now. It's like the most penalized team in football. Once we clean those things up, we give ourselves a chance."

On playing as a team: "The young guys excuse isn't there. The way you establish yourself is by winning. That's universal. It's not by how many points you get on a losing team. It's not how many stats, how many rebounds. It's about winning and playing the right way. Things have to translate universally.


On hurting to lose: "I think people understand. When you lose, you can't do anything. You can't really go out in the city, and if you turn on ESPN to any TV show, they're always talking about you losing games. So it definitely hurts people. I think we just got to prove it hurts on the court, where every minute we're fighting."