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Another Night Of Fear (and Loathing) in Washington

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I could cut and paste last night's "recap," but that would be a disservice to JaVale McGee. So before I go into the usual litany of things that went wrong, I think we should stop and take a moment to appreciate the SWEEEEEEEEPING HOOK.




Ok. Are we good? All set on appreciation? Let's dig into some salient facts before I toddle off to the locker room.

1. John Wall had seven turnovers in the first half and again appeared like he would rather be playing summer ball. Things settle a bit in the second half, but again a lot of missed bunnies, and a ton of bad body language. Currently, he is shooting 52% at the rim, which is amongst the bottom ten of starting PGs in the NBA.

2. The Wizards hate holding onto the basketball. There were about a jillion (read 23) Philadelphia points off of turnovers and the Wizards continue to make lazy passes and throw the ball around like its an active grenade. Someone should perhaps let the team know that the ball does not gain velocity if tossed laterally.

3. I believe Rashard Lewis can be carbon-dated.

4. The Bruise Bros. did not have a good night. Booker notably airballed two shots. Singleton was just kinda there. It was one of those nights.

I really wanted this to be positive, especially in light of last night's performance. Because looking at the stat-line, Nick Young, Jordan Crawford and JaVale McGee all had decent games. Then I looked up at the jumbotron in the fourth quarter and realized that the Wizards were down 17 with the 76ers just kinda going through the motions.

So really, was this improvement? Or a good team taking it easy because they knew they were going to win?

Quotes and deeper analysis tomorrow.