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Philadelphia 76ers At Washington Wizards: Regular Season Game 11 Open Thread

2011/12 NBA Regular Season
<a class='sbn-auto-link' href=
8-3 1-9
January 14, 2012
Verizon Center
7:00 PM
Jrue Holiday
PG John Wall
Jodie Meeks
SG Nick Young
Andre Iguodala
SF Chris Singleton
Elton Brand
PF Trevor Booker
Spencer Hawes
C JaVale McGee
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Hey guys, according to Flip, Andray Blatche is not a day to day thing, but not a month to month thing either. Make of that what you will.

He also said that the team need to "play with more energy and need to loosen up a bit." Further, he remarked that the team "has to take away the three point shooters early, you can't wait till they get it and try to take it."

So yeah, second verse, same as the first.