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Andray Blatche Injury: Wizards Forward Sees Shoulder Specialist, Tweets 'Not Good News'

Andray Blatche recently visited a specialist in New York to look at his ailing shoulder, which caused him to miss Wednesday's game against the Chicago Bulls. We don't know for sure what the doctor told him, but Blatche himself gave off a bad vibe with his latest tweet.

Blatche suffered the shoulder injury last year and it really never fully healed. Despite going to Miami to see a specialist this summer, he told me before the season that the shoulder was just 75 percent healed. During training camp, he amended that to 85 percent. Nevertheless, he played right through it, up until it started to bother him just before the game against Toronto. He had been placed on the second unit anyway regardless of injury.

In any event, we'll just have to see what "not good news" means.