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Washington Wizards Growing Pains Continue As Team Falls To 0-4

I am going to paraphrase Mike's update from yesterday and state that "losing is acceptable as long as we see growth." Tonight we saw yet another loss, but the Wizards put forth their best effort of this young season. Its hard to judge how much better the Wizards were on this evening as the Celtics rested their starters for long stretches during this game, but on the offensive end at least, the Wizards at least saw some cohesion. What should bring the most relief to Wizards fans is that John Wall returned to what we should consider the norm, and even though he was outplayed on the night by Rajon Rondo, this is the type of game that should get Wall on track for the rest of the season. JaVale McGee was also a standout on the night, as he played within himself the entire evening and for possibly the first time left Flip Saunders little to critique in the way of "style over substance."

A loss is still a loss, but the Wizards were facing a team desperate for their second win and looking to establish a pecking order in the East. What we saw tonight was what we were expecting from the first three games of the season, a modicum of competitiveness with enough individual growth to provide hope. For a team that looked so discombobulated the first three games, that is enough.


  • DeMarcus Cousins has evidently asked for a trade. What should the bidding start at? Mike suggested Blatche and this year's 1st. I think that Blatche, Seraphin and next year's first would get the job done.
  • John Wall still had a bit of 1 on 5, but played much more under control and looked to distribute on the evening. These are the types of performances you look for John to build upon.
  • The defense once again was shoddy as the Celtics shot an even 50% from the floor. The team continues to get abused by the opposing teams front court as Brandon Bass and Kevin Garnett both had decent nights.
  • Jordan Crawford's shot selection is an issue to say the least.
  • Trevor Booker needs more time, especially if Jan Vesely is going to continue to malinger.
  • Roger Mason was eligible. Yay, for positives.
I'll see you guys tomorrow night for Round 2.