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2012-13 Washington Wizards report cards

Okafor injury clouds picture at media day

At Verizon Center for media day, the Wizards indicated health would be the only thing to hold them back.

Grade Trevor Booker's season

The Wizards' third-year forward struggled with injuries again this season, complicating his future in D.C.

Grade John Wall's season

Our player evaluations march on as John Wall gets the spotlight.

Grade A.J. Price's season

How did A.J. Price fare this season? We consider that in our latest player evaluation.

Grade Jan Vesely's season

Jan Vesely had a rookie season to forget, so naturally more was expected of him in his second year in the NBA. How'd that turn out?

Grade Nene's season

Nene started the season hurt and never fully recovered. He was a big boost to the team when he played, but his individual production tailed off as the season progressed.

Grade Garrett Temple's season

Garrett Temple was signed as a D-League fill-in and ended up starting 36 games for the injury-riddled Wizards. We take a look back at his 2012-13 season.

Grade Kevin Seraphin's season

We continue our look back at the 2012-13 season with our latest installment of player evaluations. This time Kevin Seraphin gets the spotlight.

Grade Chris Singleton's season

Our look back at the 2012-13 season marches on. Today's installment: Chris Singleton

Grade Martell Webster's season

Martell Webster emerged as the Wizards' starting small forward in 2012-13. We remember his season in our player evaluation series.

Grade Bradley Beal's season

Our look back at the 2012-13 season marches on. This time Bradley Beal gets the spotlight.

Grade Trevor Ariza's season

Our look back at the 2012-13 season marches on. This time we evaluate Trevor Ariza.

Grade Emeka Okafor's season

We begin our look back at the 2012-13 season with our individual player evaluations. We'll start with Emeka Okafor.

Is John Wall a franchise player?

No, but let's all stop worrying about it.

Midseason grades: Martell the surprise

Martell Webster is arguably the most effective free agent the Wizards have acquired in Wizards recent team history.

Midseason grades: Randy Wittman, the leader

Randy Wittman has continued to get his Wizards to play hard, particularly defensively, but his in-game management often leaves something to be desired. We evaluate his strengths and weaknesses.

Midseason grades: Temple of Doom

Garrett Temple has been a helpful piece since being signed from the NBA Developmental League, but is it time to reduce his role?

Midseason grades: Kevin Seraphin, déception

Kevin Seraphin isn't going to be too proud of his midseason grades.

Midseason grades: Can Vesely turn it around?

Jan Vesely hasn't shown much improvement from a rough rookie season. Can John Wall's return unlock his potential?

Midseason grades: Price, the unexpected starter

Now that John Wall is healthy, can A.J. Price be the backup point guard the Wizards are hoping he would be?

Midseason grades: Tough love works on Singleton

Chris Singleton was supposed to be a big piece going forward, but he spent most of the season in Randy Wittman's doghouse. He's back in the rotation now, and he's contributing more than ever.

Midseason grades: Missing Martin?

Cartier Martin was integral to the strong finish at the end of last season, but he's been mostly a ghost this year.

Midseason grades: Okafor solid, unspectacular

Emeka Okafor came to Washington with a reputation as a solid if unspectacular player. His play so far this season? Solid if unspectacular.

Midseason grades: Nene, steady when healthy

Nene has been excellent when he's been on the court, but that still hasn't happened quite enough. We evaluate the first half of his season.

Midseason grades: Trevor Booker, invisible

How has Trevor Booker played in the first half of the Wizards' season, and what does he need to do to improve in the second half of the season?

Midseason grades: Bradley Beal, picking his spots

After a rough start to the season, Bradley Beal really turned things up in January and February. Which Beal should we expect to see after the All-Star break?

Midseason grades: Trevor Ariza and the value of D

Washington Wizards small forward Trevor Ariza has the game of a role player and the contract of a star. How has he performed this year, and was the trade that brought him here worth it?

Midseason grades: Jordan Crawford, Man of Steez

How has Jordan Crawford played in the first half of the Wizards' season, and what does he need to do to improve in the second half of the season?