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NBA Lockout Talks Seem Optimistic, But Big Meeting Awaits

The NBA and the NBA Players Association have had two straight days of quiet talks that resulted in the creation of more talks.  The rhetoric has toned down, and there are players potentially spilling the beans about progress being made.  All sounds good, especially because the talks were described as "intense" today and because a date to bring this before a larger group has been set in stone for Tuesday.

However, let's not get too ahead of ourselves.  Why?  Here's one reason, via Jeff Zillgit of USA Today.

Reason for larger group meetings? Larger parties are "ultimately responsible for making a deal or deciding that there shouldn't be a deal," Stern said.  

You know what happens when larger group meetings happen?  More agendas come into play, and progress appears to slow.  It's a necessary step, but this isn't getting solved overnight, especially when agents pretty clearly still want Billy Hunter to decertify.