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Links: Jordan Crawford's Bromance With John Wall, Eurobasket Update

I've been swamped the last couple of days, so I haven't been able to cover a lot of what needs to be covered with the Wizards this month.  My apologies.  Here's a catch-up session of links.

  • Jordan Crawford is working out with John Wall, and the two talk every day.  This is reason No. 1 why I would hold off writing it in stone that Nick Young comes back.  Wall definitely has become closer with Crawford than any other guy on the team. [Michael Lee]
  • Here's that Marc Spears story on Wall that we were discussing the other day. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • I've been really bad at following Eurobasket, so I haven't seen much of Kevin Seraphin. His France team beat Turkey, 68-64, in the second round of the competition. Thus far, he's only played double-digit minutes twice, doing well both times. On the other hand, Emir Preldzic, whom the Wizards control through the Antawn Jamison trade, has been very good for Turkey. For more on Eurobasket, The Painted Area is a must-read.