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Links: Jordan Crawford Stirs The Pot, The Lockout Version Of Playing Chicken

Hey, y'all. Mike's out this weekend, he'll be back on Monday. Lockout negotiations continue today, and it looks like a high stakes game of chicken. Are you watching closely? Here's a sampling of NBA and Wizards news heard 'round the Net for you starving hoops hooligans before lockout news drowns the blogosphere:

Mr. Michael Lee's wrap-up of the lockout league Impact Competitive Training series had an interesting quote.

If you look at all [the Dallas Maverick] interviews, they always said Dirk [Nowitzki] was the best player, without no controversy. They didn’t try to take no shine, so, I think that’s the main thing we’ve got to overcome.
What I wouldn't give to know exactly what (and who) he's talking about. Oh, and Jan Vesely will be joining Wall and Co. in L.A. YES! (thanks to djnnnou) [Michael Lee]

As most of you should be aware, Kobe Bryant may be playing in Italy soon, and Ziller notices the timing. Maybe it's a bluff, and maybe it isn't. Meh. Of course this tweet from John Wall hits a little closer to home.

I'm ready to take a trip overseas to explore the world more!!
It's fairly innocuous and he is a young guy, but as Ziller said re: Kobe, the timing can't be ignored. [Twitter]

No league is driven by its superstars like the NBA. Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski takes a look with some help from Dwyane Wade on just what superstars are really worth to their franchises and comes to the conclusion that not only are they underpaid, but very underpaid. You know what? I can't really disagree. [Yahoo! Sports]

SI's Ian Thomsen lays down a good primer for today's lockout meeting. If you need a quick refresher to get a handle on what's going down in New York, check it out. [Sports Illustrated]

Mr. West goes to Washington. Delonte West is gainfully employed at Regency Furniture Showrooms. If that sounds familiar to you, DC faithful, it's because the company is based in DC, Maryland, and northern Virginia. Great PR move, Regency, golf clap. [International Business Times]

Speaking of Lebron, Jonathan Tjarks of SBNation contrasts the fallout of The Decision, and Phillies pitcher's Cliff Lee's decision to take less money to play in a star-studded rotation. [SBNation]

More lockout tactics from the players' union: Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh have apparently planned some kind of "All-Star Event" at Florida International University. Details to be announced today, super readers. [Chicago Tribune]