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NBA Lockout News: Is The Entire Season Already In Jeopardy?

Another day, another bad sign in the ongoing NBA lockout talks.  Publicly, commissioner David Stern warned of "enormous consequences" if negotiations don't go well this weekend.  Privately ... well, here's a bombshell.  Via Marc Stein:

When NBA labor talks resume Friday, NBA commissioner David Stern is planning to threaten players with the cancellation of the entire 2011-12 season if the sides haven't made major progress toward a deal by the end of the weekend, according to sources close to the talks.

And again via Sam Amick:

Unless major concessions are made by the owners by then, the sources said players are prepared to show a united front and express their willingness to sit out the entire season -- if not more.

Ziller suspects both sides are bluffing to negotiate what they want.  I agree.  Only thing is, I have a vested interest as a basketball fan in hoping it is a bluff, so I may be biased.  That's a depressing reality.