Possible Salary Amnesty: Who are you dropping?

I've been reading multiple articles about the proposal for teams being allowed to drop one contract off of their salary cap in an effort to get under what would be the new salary cap. There is a lot of debate about who should go and who contract we should keep, so I decide to give my take on the Wizards and few other teams of interest:

Wizards, Drop: Andray Blatche

I know, I know, you probably think I'm nuts because I didn't pick Rashard Lewis, but look at it like this, Rashard Lewis contract has only two years left on it, Blatche's contract has another four. Although I like some of the things that I've heard about Blatche lately, his contract is way too long for a player that has quite a few question marks on him and unless he has an unbelievable year, he is probably untradeable at this point. So would you want to be stuck with a possible malcontent for years to come to be on the roster with your young budding superstar? Besides Lewis is the team's best shooter, will be a huge trade asset next year (since it will be expiring), and is the only real veteran presence left on the team. Who knows, you probably could sign Blatche back for a much shorter and more reasonable contract.

Chicago, Drop: Carlos Boozer

Are they really going to pay this guy close to $15 million for the next 4 years? He did not show up in the playoffs and once again showed that he get abused by more athletic PFs in the league. Given that offensively he didn't really provide any consistency when it mattered, this team can clear the cap space, erase that mistake, and use the money to get a better second scoring option. If they are concerned about the PF position, Gibson is exceptional on defense and has potential offensively. He provides a lot more positives than a non-scoring Boozer who doesn't provide anything when he's not scoring.

Orlando, Drop: Gilbert Arenas

Is this really necessary to explain? Just was a bad decision altogether to trade for him (we aren't complaining). Although I have my doubt that this will actually happen because of Arenas' relationship with GM Otis Smith, I still think that this is the best decision. He has 3 more years of making about $20 million and he is more than likely going to spend most of that time coming off the bench. Stan Van Gundy is probably not a good coach for him so with that said, Arenas will probably has a hard time earning that money if he stays.

Miami, Drop: Mike Miller

Stayed injured for a majority of the season and had a very up and down playoffs, and probably is on his way to declining. If you can keep him for a cheaper price, great, but James Jones, who won the 3 point contest, is a much more effective 3 point threat. What's the point of keeping Miller, when he shot 36% from 3 while Jones shot 43%?

I know there are a lot more, who else do you all think should go from some of the other teams?

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