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John Wall Continues To Dominate Impact Basketball League

John Wall continues to kick butt out at the Impact Basketball League, and he's capturing the attention of a ton of people with his play, specifically his improved jump shot.  On Wednesday, he led his Wizards-centric team to a comeback from 10 points down, then suited up the very next game and dropped 37 points.  In less than four hours, Wall scored 74 points, dished out 16 assists and grabbed 13 rebounds, all in 32-minute games.  Holy crap.

Overall, Wall is averaging 40.8 points per game in the league.  Now, granted, there's no help defense to stop his drives to the basket, but that's pretty stunning.  It's certainly caught the attention of one pro playing in the league.

John Wall is gonna be a problem this year. Got that stroke going
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Anyway, all this is here to lead into Sam Amick's article on Wall for Sports Illustrated where the Wizards' star gave this quote.

"I had great numbers as a rookie, but I feel like I wasn't myself throughout most of the season," Wall said. "You'd see at the end of this game I had 28 points, nine assists and those types of things, but it's not all about scoring. It's just that that's the type of player I want to be so I can be myself and run my team.

"Sometimes when I wasn't myself I was putting my team in jeopardy and putting myself in jeopardy [because of his ailing health], but I just wanted to play."

Yeah, I know, more rah rah stuff, but Wall makes it so easy.