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PHOTOS: Andray Blatche 'Play Off [Sic.] Starts Here' T-Shirts

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The Wizards have been known to use T-shirts to try to motivate themselves.  Surely you remember the infamous "Our Time" t-shirts distributed during Flip Saunders' first training camp immediately prior to a season where the team won 26 games, gutted its team and dealt with the whole Gilbert Arenas/Javaris Crittenton gun drama.  Here's hoping Andray Blatche's motivational T-shirts work better.

Blatche has been giving these T-shirts out to all those who have attended his players-only workouts here in D.C., which, for now, includes only Chris Singleton and Hamady Ndiaye.  I have no clue if the other Wizards have received/will receive the shirt once they come back into town. 

That's the back of the shirt.  The front of the shirt is below the jump.  I can live with the grammatical error ("Play Off" is not two words) if it provides the players with the fuel they need to improve.

Thanks to Joe Connelly for sending the pictures over.