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Andray Blatche, Caron Butler Playing For Goodman League This Weekend

Some of you were wondering before about why Andray Blatche hasn't been playing in any Summer League games during the lockout.  Wonder no more.  According to Michael Lee, Blatche is playing for the Goodman League team on Saturday against an Indy Pro-Am team featuring Zach Randolph and Eric Gordon, among others.

Blatche will be joined by former Wizards star Caron Butler as well, who is playing for the first time since injuring his knee in Dallas.  More information on the participants for that game is here.  There's also a Goodman-Rucker game in New York the following weekend, featuring Durant, Joakim Noah, Will Bynum, Corey Brewer, Taj Gibson and Wes Matthews.

The long-awaited Goodman-Drew rematch is on October 9.  Lee reports that Nick Young will likely play for the Drew League, along with other newcomers Trevor Ariza, Ryan Hollins and Dorrel Wright.  JaVale McGee likely won't play.  The Goodman League team will likely stay the same, with Jeff Green and Michael Beasley possibly joining.