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VIDEO: John Wall Keeps Dominating Impact Basketball League

There's really not much more to say to this, other than to swoon. In particular, check out the 30 and 45 second mark of the video. Gotta love the John Wall trash talking out at Impact Basketball.

Wall had 42 more points in his second Impact game on Thursday, and even though the Wizards' team lost again, it's just awesome to see Wall dominate.  Assuming we have a season, it'll be a pleasure to watch him play, especially after reading this from HoopsWorld.

"He’s really special," Lewis said. "Did you see how fast he was? Nobody can keep up with him. He was going one-on-four a couple of times. He knows how to get to the basket and he’s excellent at pushing the ball down court, which is why we have to make sure we’re in shape. With the team that we have, I think we’re going to be best off playing up-and-down at a fast tempo. But that means we have to be in shape because he’s going to push it."

So yeah, get in shape guys.